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Vacant Home Staging in San Diego & Orange County

It is our goal to present a vacant property right. To emotionally connect with buyers - from the moment they step in. When presented with the right inventory, layouts and a plan which highlights strengths, a well presented home just feels right. Buyers buy on that emotion. Visualize. Feel. Decide. We help create that emotion. 

​Vacant, empty homes can seem cold. Often missing a competitive edge when presented to buyers and selling for less than what they deserve. 90% of home searches start online and buyers make an impression even before they decide to walk in. Staging a vacant home is an investment in a faster and better sale. 

BlueGrape Staging's expertise in understanding buyer demographics, design experience and on-trend inventory presents vacant homes immaculately. Our team is committed to creating the beautiful home experience a home deserves. For more information give us a call at 858-295-7443


Check out a glimpse of some of our projects below!

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