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Walk and Talk Consultation For Your Home Staging

This service is typically for occupied homes or homes with existing furnishings where home owners do not want to bring in new inventory. The plan is to leverage the existing and style, present the home better, yet be cost-effective. This is a room by room consultation from experts who know how to present homes for sale. It covers details on de-cluttering, what to keep and what not, layouts which will highlight home, consistent design and style tips adding to a strong action plan. We go through each room and guide on what needs to be done to woo buyers. The sellers are ideally part of it and take notes to formulate their next steps and plan of action.

Average pricing: $250 for up to 2 hours
​(prices can vary depending on home size, location)

For more information drop us a message or give us a call at (480.868.4788)


Request a Walk & Talk Consultant Quote Now!​
​We will call or email to discuss your requirement. 

Walk & Talk CONSULT
Occupied STAGING
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Dunya Design
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Request a Walk & Talk Consultant Quote Now!​​
We will call or email to discuss your requirement. 

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