I was born in Europe (Holland) and moved around the world together with my husband. We started as expats in the USA (AZ and CT), Asia (Taiwan) and currently live in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix Arizona.


Having the time of our life overseas is largely a matter of having a positive mental outlook, especially when things get challenging. Living abroad offers so many opportunities to learn, travel, grow, experience the world, and become part of a truly global community of people. 


As we embraced this global lifestyle, meeting people, making friends and staying in regular contact while we are abroad is often the fabric of adventure stories and emotional moments we will remember forever.

✘ I love to design and surround myself in it every day!

✘ Passionate (I absolutely love what I do)

✘ Enthusiastic (I want to learn)

✘ Creative (I like to think out of the box) 


When faced with challenges on a daily basis - from finding a suitable place to live, to developing friendships in an unknown city or speaking another language – resilience slowly developed.


A curious thing happened once we relocated to Taiwan, Asia. The local design sense started to influence my choices. I loved exploring new places and always kept an open mind and preferences, taste and style kept evolving. Starting out as a Web & Graphic Designer many years ago I decided to specialize in designing Trendy and Unique products. I try to translate all cultural impressions into fashionable accessories and love the idea you can mix and match products, it tells you a personal story! 


Fashionable items have a strong influence on beliefs and the diverse cultures prevailing around the world. Throughout the world, people highly value symbols, since wearing such types of ornaments is believed to enhance the person’s faith and prevent danger.



When I look back and realize that I have not only dealt with the stress of moving abroad, but also managed to build a nest and made our dreams come true in a foreign country, the sense of achievement is extremely rewarding on so many levels! 


My parents gave me my first name “Dunya” and my husband my last name “Mooij”.


Dunya means World + Mooij means Beautiful =
A Beautiful World!


I like to design & contribute to a beautiful and stylish world and try to accomplish this by creating unique and meaningful fashion accessories. Be your own kind of beautiful!


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